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ME429 Fall 2009 HW2 - 2 A machine of 20 kg mass is mounted...

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Assigned on 12.10.2009 Monday Due date 19.10.2009 Monday, beginning of the lecture ME429 Fall 2009 HW2 You are expected to provide clear explanation of each step in your solution, units, well annotated scaled plots (title, axis labels, units, ..), not random hand sketches, source code attached to your solution if you use a software package. 1) An instrument of mass m is mounted on a vibrating table as shown in the figure below. The table vibrates harmonically as ( ) ω = sin y t Y t . Find a) the maximum acceleration of the of the instrument, and b) the maximum force tranmitted to the instrument.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) A machine of 20 kg mass is mounted on springs and dampers as shown in the figure. The total stiffness of the springs is 8 kN/m and the total damping is 130 Ns/m. The system is initially at rest and and a velocity of 100 mm/s is given to the mass. In addition the these initial conditions, an excitation force of 24sin15 t N is applied to the mass. a) Find the i) Steady state response ii) Transient response of the system iii) Total response of the system b) And plot all responses on the same graph. m x ( t ) k c m x ( t ) y ( t ) k c...
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