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DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CSC318 DESIGN OF INTERACTIVE COMPUTATIONAL MEDIA Instructor: I. Posner Assignment 3: User Research Results, System Requirements, Purpose : To analyze and present the results of your user research. From the analysis, to draw out user needs requirements, and from those define the exact problem you will address and develop design requirements for your solution. Finally, to develop several different high level solution ideas. NOTE: There are two sections to this assignment. Please read through both of them before beginning. You and your group will need to meet and strategize before completing EITHER of these assignment sections, so make that your first priority. Assignment 3 Recommended Workflow - Receive suggested revisions & approval from your TA for your Research Plan and Instruments – from assignment A2g. - Read appropriate sections of the Textbook, especially Chapter 10 - Schedule user research - Conduct user research - Analyze results of user research - A3i: First draft deadline Feb 4 - First draft reviewed by TA & group members – Insights collected - Update individual work draft– Final Draft to be included in group submission - A3g group work – Create one integrated User Research Results Summary, System Requirements and Design Alternatives from refining individual components - Finalize group submission – deadline Feb 9 A3 g Group Component: User Research Results, System Requirements, DUE : A3g must be submitted by email to your TA, and as a hard copy in class Tuesday Feb 9, before class at 16:00 for T6 or before 15:00 for T3. GRADE : 7% of your total course grade – value of each section is shown in brackets below. WHAT TO DO IDENTIFY AND ASSIGN INDIVIDUAL WORK COMPONENTS Discuss with your group your research plans and instruments and decide which aspects of the research each of you will conduct for your individual work in A3i. Your group’s user research for A3g must include field studies with appropriate: interviews, questionnaires, observations of intended user group, investigation of users’ environments , and analysis of artifacts that are found there.
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CSC318S 2010 Assignments January 2010 ——————————————————————————————————————— A3g will combine your individual components into a united integrated whole, so choosing different research elements to investigate for A3i is key to your group success. It is also OK to overlap the use of instruments so that several of you are administering your group’s questionnaire and conducting observations. You will each be responsible for analyzing your own research and producing a results document for A3i and a results summary for A3g. Confirm with your TA,
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