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DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CSC318 DESIGN OF INTERACTIVE COMPUTATIONAL MEDIA Instructor: I. Posner Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to gain a thorough understanding of your problem space and your target user audience by developing a detailed research plan and specific research instruments, or probes, to conduct your research. There are two sections to this assignment. Please read through both of them before beginning. You and your group will need to meet before completing EITHER of these assignment sections, so make that your first priority. In this document: A2g: Group assignment (10% of total grade) – Jan 19 deadline A2i: Individual assignment (5% of total grade) – Jan 14 deadline A2g: Submission guide Research protocol template Consent form template Assignment 2 Recommended Workflow: 1. 2. A2i individual work – First Draft deadline Jan 14 3. First draft from A2i reviewed by TA and group members – Insights collected 4. A2g group work - combining learning from individual components 5. Updating individual work – Final Draft to be included in group submission 6. Finalizing group submission – deadline Jan 19
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CSC318S 2010 Assignments January 2010 ——————————————————————————————————————— A2 g Group DUE : A2g must be submitted before Tuesday January 19, before class 16:00 for T6 & 15:00 for T3 by email to your TA, and as a hard copy in class or tutorial, whichever is first. Five paper copies of research instruments should also be brought to class on this day for use in tutorial. Grade : 10% of your total course grade – value of each section is shown in brackets below. WHAT TO DO IDENTIFY AND ASSIGN INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS Discuss your problem space and decide which aspects of the space and target audience each of you will investigate for your individual work for A2i. A2g will combine your individual components into a united integrated whole, so choosing different spaces to investigate for A2i is key to your group success. Review each other’s first drafts as soon as possible and provide insightful feedback concerning your group members’ work. Combine ideas and individual work to augment your group work to produce the following sections for your group submission for A2g. BACKGROUND RESEARCH (2%) Research and describe your chosen problem space : general issues, challenges, obstacles, opportunities. Provide some references to your sources of information. Please note that you must rely primarily upon scholarly sources for your information. Using only web resources of questionable credibility will result in marks lost. If you are not sure if a source is credible, ask a librarian or TA to help you.
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