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DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO CSC318 DESIGN OF INTERACTIVE COMPUTATIONAL MEDIA Instructor: I. Posner Assignment 4: Evaluation of Design Alternatives, Building the Interactive Purpose : To Evaluate Design Alternatives before combining the best ideas into building an Interactive Prototype of the System User Interface and to prepare for Usability Testing of the Interactive Prototype. NOTE: There are two sections to this assignment. Please read through both of them before beginning. You and your group will need to meet and strategize before completing EITHER of these assignment sections, so make that your first priority. Assignment 4 Recommended Workflow - Discuss with the group how to divide the Design Alternatives to ensure that each one undergoes a Heuristic Evaluation. - Conduct Evaluations on the Design Alternatives from A3g - Come up with Design Implication from the Evaluations - Combine individual Design Implications together to form Group Design Implications. - Combine the best concepts and elements of the Design Alternatives into building an Interactive Prototypes of the System User Interface - Develop Usability Testing Plans and Instruments for testing the Interactive Prototypes - Review all proposed Usability Test Plans and Instruments and combine them into a united whole, the Group Usability Test Plan. - Pilot test your Usability Tests in Tutorial on March 9. A4g Group Component – Alternative Designs Evaluation, Design Implications, DUE : A4g must be submitted by email to your TA, and as a hard copy in class Tuesday March 9, before class at 16:00 for T6, or before tutorial at 15:00 for T3. GRADE : 10% of your total course grade – value of each section is shown in brackets below. WHAT TO DO Design Implications from the Alternative Designs (1%) In your group conduct cognitive walkthroughs of your alternative designs. Summarize the Results of the Evaluations from A4i’s and the cognitive walkthroughs Briefly describe the Design Implications from the Alternative Designs that will be used to guide your prototype development. Develop Prototypes (6%) Review your alternative solutions and implications for design developed in the previous section. Take all the best ideas from your alternative solutions and create a solution that combines all the best ideas. Create prototypes of this solution.
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CSC318S 2008 Assignments January 2008 ——————————————————————————————————————— Prototypes
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