Supply and Demand Checkpoint

Supply and Demand Checkpoint - Running Head: SUPPLY AND...

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Running Head: SUPPLY AND DEMAND 1 Supply and Demand Checkpoint Nicole Bohanon XECO 212 February 14, 2010 Douglas Lalama
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SUPPLY AND DEMAND 2 Abstract In this paper I plan to answer questions concerning changes that may affect the factors in supply and demand. I will be determining two substitutes for the product, and two complements that there may be for the product. I will also be talking about how the necessity of this product impacted the price elasticity of this product for me. The product I chose to do these comparisons on is the recent purchase of my new desk top computer. When I think about the factors that would affect the supply and demand of buying a new computer, there are a few that come to mind. The economy is a big one that comes to mind, because computers are not cheap if you want to get a good quality computer, so having the finances to purchase one is a major factor. If the economy is not up and you are not able to have a job, or have a low paying job then you may not have the money to buy a computer, which in turn is going to bring down the demand for computers, and the supply is going to go down. Also the time of year. If it is fall and school is about to start back up for the new semester, then the demand for computers is going to go up because college students depend on computers for homework and studies. So in turn the supply is going to have to go up to be able to meet the demand for computers. Also a person's personal status could have a factor on the demand for a
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Supply and Demand Checkpoint - Running Head: SUPPLY AND...

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