Moral Character Viewpoints

Moral Character Viewpoints - I think the rationale for the...

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Looking through everything from week 4, I guess I am a little confused on the issues, but I am going to try to write this assignment. Most the people in the class agreed that just because a person has a bad habit, does not make them a bad person. That a lot of people have a smoking habit, which people consider bad, and some of them are good people. Also we have all these people who kill others, and we don't know all the reasons why someone murders another, we don't get the whole story. We only get to see one or maybe two sides to the story. We don't get to hear the third side, because we hear the murder's story, then we hear any witnesses story, but we don't get the story of what really happened.
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Unformatted text preview: I think the rationale for the majority agreement on the fact that not everyone with a bad habit has bad morals because I think everyone knows someone with bad habits. I do not know that anyone really disagreed in the discussion group last week. We all for the most part had the same view points about bad habits being subjective and not defining a person as having good or bad moral characters. I think our thinking followed modern ethical thinking because we all agreed that the habits people hold don't make them the person they are and I don't think that would be so if it were traditional ethical thinking....
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