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DNA-briefly - Outl ine for DNA RNA/Protein(THIS IS REVIEW I...

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Outline for DNA /RNA /Protein (THIS IS REVIEW) I will only be going over this information briefly in class. The Book has many new animations. If you do not understand some aspect of DNA / RNA or protein synthesis, please review the following animations. Basic Animations on DNA FOR REVIEW- most of these should JUST BE REVIEW. www.mhhe.com /nester6 Please ignore the repeats of each unless you just want to look over the questions. Animation Quiz - Simple Gene Expression Animation Quiz - Bidirectional DNA Replication Animation Quiz-Control of gene expression in Eukaryotes Animation Quiz - DNA Replication Animation Quiz - DNA Replication Fork Animation Quiz - DNA Structure Animation Quiz - How Nucleotides Are Added in DNA Replication Animation Quiz - How Translation Works Animation Quiz - mRNA Synthesis (Transcription) Animation Quiz - Processing of Gene Information: Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes Animation Quiz - Protein Synthesis Animation Quiz - Stages of Transcription Animation Quiz - Transcription Factors Animation Quiz - Structural Basis of DNA Replication Animation Quiz - Translation Elongation Animation Quiz - Translation Termination Animations which are: Cool, too much information, and/or not necessary for this class Animation Quiz - Meselson and Stahl Experiment Animation Quiz - Regulatory Proteins: Regulation by Repression Animation Quiz - Second Messenger: cAMP Animation Quiz - The Lac Operon (Induction) Animation Quiz - The Trp Operon Animation Quiz - The Tryptophan Repressor Animation Quiz - Transcription Complex and Enhancers 1
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Chapter 7: I. Overview A. Central Dogma ( Fig. 7.1) DNA  ( transcription )  RNA  ( translation )  Protein Replication B. We now know that the central dogma can be overcome by some organisms specifically, viruses.
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