bio lecture notes dec. 11th

bio lecture notes dec. 11th - A. The Action Potential o a....

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× A. The Action Potential o a. PHASES (3 steps) like we set up dominos. Why are the dominos set up the way they are? All we have to do is flick one and the rest of it happens. 1. Resting state –“at the beginning” The neuron is just sitting there. Nothing is going on 2. Depolarization- 3. Repolarization- return to initial conditions go back to default **** Last two parts are called the action potential!! (depolarization/repolarization) o b. membrane potential – our way of seeing what actually is going on in the neuron o Measured as voltage Light has energy if you bring it up closer to the ceiling it’d have more energy o Kinetic energy- energy due to movement of molecules 1/2mv squared The more volts, the more energy!! the voltage as measured across the cell membrane What is voltage? The measurement of potential energy o Potential energy- the energy that an object has due to position of the structure of an object ex: Peg = mgh 1. Oppositely charged ions want to get together 2. Diffusion gradients ****ions want to move!!! The membrane is the key here. The phospholipids are non polar so non charged things can’t go through it so our cell membrane is great at keeping them separate! Charge particles and we have a barrier. These are the two ways that ions will move ^^^ × Potential difference – the amount of potential energy due to the ions wanting to get together. We’re not interested in how much potential energy is in it. This is the source. This is physics!! o “The potential” when we ask where the potential we mean where on the cell? It’s on the membrane Membrane potential - the potential difference from one side of the membrane to the other side
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Voltage, with a volt meter o The voltage tells of the arrangement of the ions that are underneath. Resting membrane potential – when nothing is going on FIGURE 29.6 PG 487!!!! o
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bio lecture notes dec. 11th - A. The Action Potential o a....

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