bio lecture notes nov. 6th

bio lecture notes nov. 6th - Exam#2 extra point b.c he...

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× Exam #2- extra point b.c he tries to get it done within a week and didn’t × Oen of the concerns he has at this time in the semester – pattern he sees gets 2/3 of the way through doing what they’re doing and they hit a low. . we need to get out of the low and not fade away! Then dissappear into the course and get an F. × Wants to encourage us to work our way through it! Relief in sight thanksgiving. Come back regenerated × 5-6% better on this exam than the first one × No overall pattern on this exam. . everyone needs to individually needs to see how they did × It whatever you have been doing doesn’t work change it! Or you can exepct the same grade × Competency- did well on the first exam, then you don’t have to study because you’ll “automatically” pass × Come see dr.t if you haven’t passed an exam yet × We’re not getting any style points × Things in particular he wants to point out- compare this class to bio 101 theoretically if he dropped all the written part, the exam avergage would go up 1%. . if you think you’ll do better because it doesn’t make you write, you’re wrong! With the curve, the average is still about 67! × Courses after gb – nothing but writing! × Dr. martin gives scantron b.c there are about 1900 gb students! × Easiest questions on the exam didn’t do as well as we should have on the definitions and the etymologies. . easiest = dates!!! All the same answer! × One of the things he wanted to point out to us too many d’s in a row. Definitely the dumbest thing we’ve done in college! We just look at them and change them without even refering back to the question. . didn’t turn out that everyone got them all right! × There are no patterns in scantron answers! × Fairer number of us that harmed our grade from giong back to change our answers. . first answer we come up with is usually the better answer. Can’t see anyone who increased their grade dramastically from changing answers get out of habit! × some of us fall prey to the white space phenemenon: turn page in booklet there’s a piece of papar. We see the space between the questions and figure that we have to fill the whole thing
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× in doing this, we waste time and we sometimes add wrong information increase the liklihood of adding something that is wrong. × He loves the people who have to the point answers consise most only need one or two sentences. When we write too much, it indicates we don’t really know the answer and that we’re guessing × Time management “workshop” tomorrow 8:15-9:15 in the lab room. Not mandatory only if we’re interested. × 60-70% of how well people do is time management. The rest is about organization!!
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bio lecture notes nov. 6th - Exam#2 extra point b.c he...

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