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SAFETY SHEET 1. No eating, drinking, or mouth pipetting allowed in this laboratory. While the bacteria used in this class can be studied safely on the open bench, they may be harmful if accidentally ingested. 2. Dress appropriately for lab. Avoid long loose sleeves or scarves. Tie back long hair. 3. Wash your hands thoroughly at the beginning and at the end of each lab and any time you need to leave the lab (say to get a drink of water). 4. Wipe down the surface of your bench with Germicidal 64 at the beginning and end of each laboratory period. Germicidal 64, a quaternary ammonium compound, light green in color, is used as the all- purpose disinfectant for the laboratory. 5. Maintain your working area in a reasonable state of neatness. If you spill or break anything, please clean it up immediately. Do not leave paper towels, lens paper, gloves, or other items on your bench top or in the sinks. 6.
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