bio lecture notes nov. 20th

bio lecture notes nov. 20th - NOVEMBER 20TH! The secret to...

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NOVEMBER 20 TH ! The secret to our success for the rest of our life. Not studying effectively or not doing it correctly × Example of depression: in the eye in the dark, eye is sending more impulses in the brain than in the light. This lets the body recognize if you are in light or dark. × What was the general topic as we ended on Tuesday? Cramming × Were finishing up our discussion on cramming. Sometimes you’re put in a position when you have to cram. It should be the emergency situation not the first resort. o Problem with cramming – no time for consolidation. There is not enough time to transfer time to short term memory. Not enough time for repetition. Only have 7 slots what we’re trying to learn is hundreds or thousands. First 7 get bumped out. How do we deal with this?? Put the info into our long term memory. Allow yourself enough time for consolidation o Rapid decay not caused by lack of repetition. Caused by the more information comes in. × But with consolidation: constant movement of information into LTM o When we give ourselves enough time to use the information because when we use it, in our brain its most of the time potentiation sometimes depression. Some of the stuff in STM is junk so we don’t repeat it and it gets replaced o Sensory memory tries to get rid of most things. Incredibly efficient filter! × Dr t is going way past 7 things in a lecture. How many times do we get to repeat things in a lecture? Once. Way more in here than in general bio where we just move along. The amount of repetition we get in the class is less so we have repetition in class but we have to go do a few more things alone on our own time. You immediately start losing what
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bio lecture notes nov. 20th - NOVEMBER 20TH! The secret to...

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