bio lecture notes nov. 27th

bio lecture notes nov. 27th - NOVEMBER 27TH! Finish up...

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NOVEMBER 27 TH ! × Finish up cognitive psychology stuff today. Then finish up general stuff about nervous system! × Must push to work in groups because after college alls you do is group work × Doctors and nurses are around people all the time × LTP is more important than LTD Interference continued × Competitive vs. serial o Our problem is getting it into our memory in the first place, not recall × Visual input gets suppressed with there is auditory input × To be a good musician you need the same skills you need to learn in a classroom × Patterns in thinking logically is different but there is an association of training (dedication and management of time) that flows over to the academic world × Interference in between the original info a recall, you are required to recall the other words. × Recency effect is just the most recent things you’ve learned stored in your short term memory × When you encounter interference, the task replaces the things in your short term memory! × The probability that you can recall any of the previous recency words is the same probability as all the other words in the middle. × Length of list won’t change the middle probability
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course BIO 101 taught by Professor Martin during the Fall '08 term at Rutgers.

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bio lecture notes nov. 27th - NOVEMBER 27TH! Finish up...

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