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MEM380: Fundamental Robotics I Assignment 8 Due: Tuesday, 11/24/09, 11:59pm EST 1 Objective The objective of this assignment is to perform a 1) implement a navigation function, and 2) imple- ment a wavefront planner. You are provided the following Matlab files: navfun user.m : This is a Matlab script. workspace2.png : This is a text file containing the coordinates of the continuous workspace and obstacle boundaries in the workspace. Use coord = load(’contWorkspace.dat’); to load the vertices into Matlab . The variable coord is a N × 3 vertices where the first column denotes the obstacle ID and the second and third column denotes the vertex ( x,y ) coordinates. The 0 th obstacle denotes the workspace boundary. Requirements: You MUST use Matlab to complete this assignment. 2 Task 1: (10 points) Modify lines 37, 41, 47-50, and 58 of the navfun user.m to enable a robot to navigate from a start position to a goal position by constructing a navigation function for the workspace. This task will
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