bio lecture notes nov. 29th

bio lecture notes nov. 29th - NOVEMBER 29TH 3 primary...

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NOVEMBER 29 TH ! × 3 primary things!! o 1. How fast you present info to your brain (pace) o 2. Interference o 3. Organization Chunking grouping related facts. If I learn it as a group, when I recall it, I bring the entire group with me Ex- outline o 3 reason Know what’s going to be on the exam Puts everything into chunks. Series of chunks Ex- Lie u ten ants (4 vs. 11) o * You still have to have time to do things with these to move it over to your long term memory. × Chunking helps LTM attribute. A key word or a label or a hook. When you find that word in your brain × Tissues o Nervous o Connective o Muscle o Epithelium Squamous Cuboidal Columnar Pseudostratified Columnar
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Simple Squamous HOW TO “LEARN” BETTER (form a memory) 1. Specific Strategies a. Slow down (allows time for more consolidation) i. Pace ii. Interference b. Organize i. Chunks ii. Outlines c. Elaborative Rehearsal doesn’t fit in any particular study strategy. Use the same information over and over multiple times! i. Use information repeatedly in a larger, meaningful context, with other related information 1. How to elaborate a. Relate it to examples b. Appreciate how it is used in how/why questions c. Work on higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy d. Use it!!!!!!!!!!!! i. Using it IS NOT READING IT OVER!! ii. If you made an error the first time through, when you re-read through, you reinforce the mistake 1. If you didn’t see it the first time, you will skip it the next time! iii. The more times you read, the more fascinated you get with the details rather than the concepts! × What is a hydrogen bond? If you don’t know this your learning in high school was not successful!!  a weak electrical attraction between the negative end of one polar molecule and the positive charge on the hydrogen atom from a second polar molecule Examples of hydrogen bonds hair protein structure is cause by hydrogen bonds. Hair is made of protein. If you are curling your hair, you are rearranging them
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bio lecture notes nov. 29th - NOVEMBER 29TH 3 primary...

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