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3025 Fall 2008 Night (Barry's)-1

3025 Fall 2008 Night (Barry's)-1 - MAN 3025 Instructor Dr...

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MAN 3025 Class meets: Thursday 7:10 –10:00 p.m. Classroom: Boca Raton GN 101 Office Hours: M/W 1:45 – 3:45 p.m. and By Appointment. Instructor: Dr. Barry Axe Office: FW 125 Phone: 561-297-2664 Email: [email protected] Introduction to Management And Organization Behavior Course Description: An introduction to managerial principles includes planning, organizing, staffing, leadership and control techniques. A behavioral science foundation of individual needs, motivation and group processes will be utilized. Objectives: This is the first course in management in the business curriculum and is required of all majors. Upon completion of the course the student should have a clear understanding of the organization (i.e. Finance, marketing, accounting, operations, etc.). The ultimate objective is the development and improvement of personal skills in the practice of management. At the end of the course the student should be able to demonstrate both knowledge and skill in the application of concepts and principles. In pursuit of these objectives, the student should be encouraged to (1) explain managerial problems from a global perspective, (2) express ethically and socially responsible behavior by management, (3) become sensitive to issues in addition to the bottom line, (4) demonstrate awareness of a broad range of external environmental issues facing today’s organizations, (5) demonstrate how management can operate in an information and service society in addition to a manufacturing environment, (6) be able to explain how entrepreneurial organizations are managed, and (7) practice the “people” dimension of organizations. Prerequisite: Upper Division Standing (Junior standing and above-60 credits or permission in writing from Associate Dean.) Text: Gomez-Mejia, L. R., Balkin, D. B., & Cardy, R. L. (2008). Management: People, Performance and Change (3 rd Ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.
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