18 Acids & Bases

18 Acids & Bases - Which statement about the...

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1 1 Which statement about the production of ammonia, NH 3 , from N 2 and H 2 is not correct? A) Converting N 2 into ammonia is problematic because the activation energy is high due to the strong N-N triple bond. B) High pressures in the reactor favor the formation of ammonia consistent with Le Chatelier’s principal. C) High temperatures are used because the reaction is endothermic and entropy driven so the equilibrium constant is larger at high T. D) Bacteria associated with plants readily convert N 2 into ammonia using enzyme catalysis under ambient conditions. 2 Today’s To do Identify Brønsted-Lowry acids and bases Identify acid-base reactions Identify conjugate acid-base pairs Identify polyprotic acids and their sequential ionization reactions Write the autoionization reaction of water Describe the amphiprotic property of water Define pH and pOH. Relate pH and pOH values to hydronium ion and hydroxide ion concentrations.
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2 3 The Brønsted-Lowry Definition An acid is a chemical species that donates a hydrogen ion (proton, H + ) in a chemical reaction. A base is a chemical species that accepts a hydrogen ion in a chemical reaction. Aqueous acid-base chemistry occurs in a water solution or environment and often involves water as a reactant or product. HCl(g) + H
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18 Acids & Bases - Which statement about the...

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