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1 Why is AgCl insoluble and NaCl soluble in water? Last time we concluded: AgCl has a significantly larger enthalpy of solvation than NaCl due to a larger lattice energy. Use the following data to explain why AgCl has a larger lattice energy than NaCl. Species Electro- negativity Ionic Radius Predicted Bond Length* Actual Bond Length Na + 0.9 102 pm Ag + 1.9 115 pm Cl 3.0 181 pm NaCl 283 pm 282 pm AgCl 296 pm 278 pm *Predicted Bond Lengths = Sum of the Ionic Radii 2 Compared to NaCl, AgCl has the larger lattice energy, which means a stronger bond in Ag-Cl, because _______ (A) AgCl is an ionic compound and NaCl is not. (B) The AgCl ions have larger charges so the attraction is greater. (C) The ionic radius of Ag + is larger so the electrons can reach out more strongly. (D) AgCl has more covalent character. (E) NaCl has more covalent character. What is your hypothesis? Evidence: (1) (Cl) – (Ag) = 1.1 (ionic cmpds  >1.9) (2) AgCl bond length < sum of ionic radii, indicating bond is stronger and not 100% ionic
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3 What do you predict? As the gas pressure increases, its solubility in water _____________. A) increases. B) is unaffected. C) decreases. Pressure 4 Today’s To Do Calculate the change in ocean pH caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
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