Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Address Summary

Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Address Summary - Solzhenitsyns...

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Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard Address Begins by stating the college’s motto is “Veritas,” which is Latin for truth. Discusses how many have discovered, and at some point all will find that in our lives, truth often eludes us. Says some things that he has said in the past have been viewed as unacceptable, although there are many people who agree with what he said. There is a world which is split between Western and non-Western customs Concept of a 3 rd world country Autonomous world—China, India, Muslim nations; Russia once belonged with this group of thinkers Claims the western world is as closely linked to religion as any other Discusses imperialism Problems with the division between different cultures and their practices became evident between the USSR and US. With convergence, we must eventually accept the other side’s differences. Decline in Courage Aspirations bring about the realization of “the welfare state” Westerners often strive to have more material things and a better life, yet
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Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Address Summary - Solzhenitsyns...

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