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rld a more orangeful place since 1989  November 1 st , 2007 600 Argyle St. North Caledonia ON N3W 1M2 Alexa McDonough Ste. 319A – 7071 Bayers Rd. Halifax, NS B3L 2C2 Dear Alexa McDonough: As a resident of your local riding, I am writing to you regarding a topic that has recently come to my attention. The mining industry in Honduras has become very prosperous in recent years. Numerous Canadian companies have invested in various operations within this former Spanish colony. Recent developments have shown that certain Canadian companies have taken advantage of weak regulations and endangered the local residents through environmental contamination. Entre Mares, a subsidy to Vancouver-based Goldcorp, has been fined by the Honduran government for polluting the area surrounding one of their open pit mines. The types of contamination that have
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Unformatted text preview: occurred in the San Martin area include arsenic and cyanide pollution. These chemicals are extremely hazardous to any forms of life. I believe that a Canadian company should operate the same way as it would on it’s home soil. It is an absolute outrage that a company, who calls Canada it’s home, has walked right into another nation and not only polluted their environment but endangered it’s people. With your help, we can raise awareness of this pressing situation. When the public hears of that actions commited by this corporation, other companies within the industry will tighten their pollution policies and prevent similar issues from arising. The Canadian image as a whole will be improved if the appropriate action can be taken. I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration, Fraser McLeod Parke CEO Orange Inc....
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