Assignment7 - without paying for it. Information was...

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Door to back room Store Entrance McLeod Parke 1 Sweet Retreat Figure 1.1: Store Layout This layout shows the current setup of the Sweet Retreat store. The symbol ‘X’ represents the position in which the employee would be standing while dealing with customer service. Figure 1.4 shows that customer service consumes fifty percent of daily tasks. If the employee is standing in this location they are unable to view a large portion of the products on the other side of the store. The employee’s line of sight it modeled in Figure 1.2.
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McLeod Parke 2 Figure 1.2 The shaded areas display vulnerable points of limited visibility. These areas are not exact.
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McLeod Parke 3 Figure 1.3 Figure 1.3 shows the amount of university students that have consumed an edible product while in store
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Unformatted text preview: without paying for it. Information was gathered from a random selection survey. Figure 1.4 Figure 1.4 shows the allotment of daily tasks of a Sweet Retreat employee. There is rarely more than one employee working at a time and tasks such as customer service and placing orders place the employee at a bad vantage point in order to survey the store. Tasks such as receiving and arranging can cause the employee to temporarily visit the back room, causing the entire store to be left unsupervised. Information was gathered from a personal interview with store owner, Pam Jenkins. Please Note: No APA referencing was used on this assignment because all research was from primary resources....
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Assignment7 - without paying for it. Information was...

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