Assignment9 - mistakes on the most recent assignment but...

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November 29, 2007 To: Dr. Jill Manderson From: Fraser McLeod Parke Subject: COMM 1701 Reflective Analysis As you requested, I have analyzed my development throughout the duration of this course. Our first assignment, an interview with someone in the business world, was where I gained the most valuable lesson of the year. This assignment was not only designed, but succeeded in displaying the importance of communication in the business world. The variety of communication was the most surprising thing I learned in this course. Not just the various forms of communication (i.e. memos, letters and analytical reports), but the cultural differences and customs were extremely fascinating to learn about. The most difficult thing for me to learn in this course was the aspects of grammar we discussed in class. The majority of marks I lost the assignments were not based on lack of content, but were related to grammar. However, I have now mastered the comma with zero
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Unformatted text preview: mistakes on the most recent assignment, but the pesky semicolon still remains my worst enemy. The area in which I have displayed the most improvement is proofreading. Prior to this course, I had never faced the challenge of the ‘All or Nothing’ marking scheme. Proofreading no longer falls into my ‘Only if I Have the Time’ category, and is now done on every assignment on multiple occasions. I feel that the area I would like to improve on most is my all around efficiency. If I am working for a firm and have been asked to send a memo to another department, I will not have the time to refer to my copy of the Essentials of Business and Administrative Communication and verify that I am using the proper format. I am very appreciative of everything this course has taught me, and look forward to showing off my skills in the workplace....
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Assignment9 - mistakes on the most recent assignment but...

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