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Assignment #2 (5%) Newsletter/APA M/ W due Sept. 26 T/T h due Sept. 27 1 page text (max)* 1 page references Imagine you are writing a short article (1-2 paragraphs) on the person that you interviewed for Assignment #1. The article will appear in an imaginary campus newspaper. You will have to use at least one direct in-text quote from your interviewee, and look up some additional information from two other sources on the company or some related area and incorporate that information into your text either as direct quotations, paraphrases, or summaries. Of course it must all be appropriately cited in-text following the APA format, and include a “References” page also appropriately formatted. Only one of you additional sources can be from an electronic source. Yes, that means you will have to find a physical book or periodical, probably in the library, to use as a source.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, if you interviewed a greeter at Walmart, your article would include a quotation from the greeter himself or herself, perhaps a statistic from the web on how much extra money Walmart makes because of its friendliness, and maybe a reference to the greeter who was shot dead in Dallas last Wednesday. Give your article an interesting title. Don’t let it exceed one page, typed, single-spaced. Staple the Reference page to it, unless there is room at the bottom to include the References section. Put your name and info in the top right corner, as you did with Assignment #1. You must pass in a signed copy of the plagiarism quiz (discussed in class) with this assignment in order to receive a grade. The plagiarism quiz itself is not worth any marks....
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