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To Challenge Abstinence or Tempt Indulgence Sex has been a common practice on earth for the past 1.5 billion years. What started out as cellular reproduction; has arguably led to who and what we are today. Decades, centuries and millenniums later, this same reproduction is taking place. However, it has become more controversial than ever. Campaigns promoting sexual abstinence have been growing in numbers and popularity. It is this uprising that has fueled the dispute between those that believe in abstinence and those who believe in indulgence. These two opposing beliefs have purified loyal religious followings, created pregnancy awareness, and publicized the knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases. Despite their combined effort in these fields, the challenge of abstinence has evidently prevailed over the temptations of indulgence. To say that religion has played an important role in civilization is simply an understatement. Societies have been defined and cultures created merely on the word of God. Whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, or any of the major religions practiced in the world today, they all have their own specific views on topic of sex. Some
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COMM1701.essay - To Challenge Abstinence or Tempt...

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