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Plagiarism Quiz Name: 1. T F Presenting the ideas or words of someone else without acknowledgement is plagiarism. 2. T F Copying from classmates on exams and assignments is plagiarism. 3. T F When you collaborate with your colleagues on individual assignments, you don’t have to prepare your own submission since the topic is the same as someone else’s. 4. T F It’s OK to copy a computer file from another student and use it as a template for your own solution without documenting it. 5. T F Self-plagiarism is submitting work that you have already received credit for, without making significant changes to it. 6. T F Since your tutor is supposed to help, it is OK to submit his or her work as your own. 7. T F Acceptable collaboration could include discussing issues and underlying factors of a case with fellow students, and then each of the students writing up their submissions individually, from start to finish. 8. T F At Dalhousie, if your professor has suspicions that you have plagiarized, he or she is obligated to report it to the Senate. 9. T F A summary or informative abstract presents the logical skeleton of the article: the thesis or recommendation and its proof. (Locker, 2007, p. 302) 10. T F When you paraphrase, the words and the sentence structure should be different from
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Plagiarism Quiz - Plagiarism Quiz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11...

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