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ERP-coverletter - Box 427 Howe Hall 6230 Coburg Road...

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Box 427 Howe Hall 6230 Coburg Road Halifax, NS B3H 4J5 To be submitted online through a personal account on the EA Jobs website. No personnel information was provided for contact. Dear EA Representative: I am applying for the position of Marketing Assistant within your firm. I am in my first year of the Bachelor of Commerce program at Dalhousie University and plan on majoring in marketing. My qualities, skills and experience will not only meet, but exceed the requirements of this job description. My position as the Chef de Garde Manger at Resort Tapatoo supplied me with some of the most important qualities and skills necessary for success in the business world. A kitchen is run by a small number of employees working towards one goal in a situation where quality of work is of the utmost importance and time is always working against you. My skills in multitasking fit perfectly into a demanding environment where deadlines are never missed and the quality of work is never sacrificed. With a kitchen only consisting of a few individuals, communication and working together as a team are
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