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ERP-min2 - in the Killam Library D New Business Discuss...

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Employer Research Report Electronic Arts Meeting Minutes February 8 th , 2008 Opening: The regular meeting of the Electronic Arts Team was called to order at 1:00pm on February 1 st , 2008 in the Killam Library by Blake Morgan. Present: Lorne Hochstader Blake Morgan Jayson Patterson Fraser Parke A. Approval of Agenda The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed. B. Approval of Minutes The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed. C. Open Issues Discuss preliminary research Everyone had completed their research Everyone agreed to have their write-ups roughly completed for next meeting Discuss timeline until presentation Agreed to have weekly meetings up until presentation at 1:00pm on Saturdays here
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Unformatted text preview: in the Killam Library D. New Business Discuss presentation extras Decided to add something to our presentation that puts our group above the rest Video on Youtube had been found by Lorne. He will bring it next meeting. Discussion of making our own movie depending whether we can find a camera A skit is a potential alternative E. Agenda for Next Meeting Review everyone’s rough material Further discuss media options for presentations Assign further duties Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 1:34 by Fraser Parke. The next general meeting will be at 1:00 on February 15 th , 2008 in the Killam Library. Minutes submitted by: Blake Morgan Approved by: Fraser Parke...
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