ERP-TJD - Typical Job Descriptions Electronic Arts prides...

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Typical Job Descriptions Electronic Arts prides themselves as one of the best employers on the market. Their employment opportunities stretch from continent to continent. With positions in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada, they provide students with employment opportunities that span a large array of fields. EA has dedicated a complete section of their website to university students in search of co-op work terms. Within the Canadian borders there are two locations of potential employment. Both are located in British Columbia, the first is in downtown Vancouver and the other is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. Regardless of which one is chosen by a future co-op student, the individual will receive many benefits that are hard to find anywhere else. On their website EA Canada explains some of the advantages to choosing to work for their company. EA Canada organizes Co-op Socials for their students including an exclusive orientation, as well as special events throughout the year including bowling nights, barbeques and movie nights. EA Canada also aids students with the relocation process by providing them with one week of temporary housing as well as one return flight. The salaries vary depending upon experience; however they are considered very competitive. One major incentive for choosing EA Canada as an employer is their in-house university. EA University
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ERP-TJD - Typical Job Descriptions Electronic Arts prides...

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