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Materials for Study, 2010 Exam 1 © 2009, Casualty Actuarial Society, All Rights Reserved E1-1 Associateship Examinations Exam 1 Probability Exam 1 is a three-hour, multiple-choice examination that is administered by Preliminary Actuarial Examinations/SOA and is identical to SOA Exam P. The examination is jointly sponsored and administered by the CAS, SOA, and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA). The examination is also jointly sponsored by the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA) and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries (CCA). Exam 1 is administered as a computer-based test. For additional details, please refer to “Computer-Based Testing Rules and Procedures”. The purpose of the syllabus for this examination is to develop a knowledge of the fundamental probability tools for quantitatively assessing risk. The application of these tools to problems encountered in actuarial science is emphasized. A thorough command of the supporting calculus is assumed. Additionally, a very basic knowledge of insurance and risk management is assumed. A table of values for the normal distribution is available below for download and will be included with the examination. Since the table will be included with the examination, candidates will not be allowed to bring copies of the table into the examination room. Please check the “Syllabus Updates” section of the CAS Web Site for any changes to the exam or syllabus. Information about Study Notes is available in the “Study Resources” section. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Candidates should be able to use and apply the following concepts in a risk management context: 1. General Probability Set functions including set notation and basic elements of probability Mutually exclusive events Addition and multiplication rules Independence of events
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exam1 - Associateship Examinations Exam 1 Probability Exam...

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