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A Quick Assessment - 4 h IF 4 i AlCl 4-1 2 Now assign the...

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A Quick Assessment: 1. For each of the following give the number of bonding pairs and the number of lone (non-bonding) pairs of electrons in the Lewis dot structure: (Consider central atom only.) a) SeBr 2 b) OF 2 c) NO 2 -1 d) XeOF 2 e) CS 2 f) SiCl 4 g) XeF
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Unformatted text preview: 4 h) IF 4 + i) AlCl 4-1 2. Now assign the molecular geometry for each one in problem #1. 3. Which of the following has a net dipole moment (is considered a polar molecule)? a) CCl 4 b) PF 3 c) PCl 5 d) BF 3 e) CO 2 f) XeF 4...
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