General Psych Syllabus Spring 2010 1-11-10

General Psych Syllabus Spring 2010 1-11-10 - 1PSYC 2003:...

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1 PSYC 2003: GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY TR 9:30 - 10:50 AM SECTION 001, #3356 SPRING, 2010 INSTRUCTOR : Dr. David Schroeder ASSISTANT : Dana Leighton OFFICE : Memorial Hall 202E Memorial Hall 316 C PHONE : 575-4256 575-5819 E-MAIL : REQUIRED TEXTS : 1. Schacter, Gilbert, & Wegner, (2008). Psychology. Worth. 2. P.A. Packet # 0012: General Psychology Outlines , compiled especially for this course; it is available at the bookstore in the Union. COURSE STRUCTURE : The basic format of this course will consist primarily of lectures, with some opportunity for question-answer class discussion. Lectures will be presented by Dave Schroeder. You are expected to ask the questions; Dave is expected to answer those questions! Although the size of the class may be a bit intimidating for some of you, we want to make it very clear that this is your class -- you should feel free to ask any questions that you might have at any time . Let us assure you that if you have a question, many other students will have exactly the same question. Attendance is not required in this class, but it is very, very strongly encouraged and will be rewarded in a variety of ways (see “extra credit” comments below). You will realize significant benefits to your course grade if you regularly attend the lectures. The text is vitally important because it provides a good introduction and a firm basis for understanding the concepts and material that are to be mastered; however, Dave’s lectures will expand and elaborate on the text material and will tell you what you really need to know. We strongly encourage you to read (or at least preview) the assigned text material and other study aids before Dave begins lecturing on the topic. You will then be able to better understand the terminology that is being used, to pick out the important points and major concepts of the lecture, and to see how the new material fits with other topics and issues that have been previously considered. This pre-lecture preview will tremendously facilitate your in-class note-taking. To make one final and very important point absolutely clear, you will be held equally responsible for mastery of material presented in the text and of material presented in lectures. During some class periods, there will be in-class activities that are intended to help you gain a better understanding of critical concepts and to monitor your mastery of the lecture material. Extra credit points that may help to improve your final grade can also be earned for some of these in-class activities;
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This note was uploaded on 03/29/2010 for the course PSYC 2003 taught by Professor Swanner during the Spring '07 term at Arkansas.

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General Psych Syllabus Spring 2010 1-11-10 - 1PSYC 2003:...

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