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FastTrack (Page 1) 1. Be sure to keep up with what year and round it is. It can sometimes get confusing in R&D. Also, you may want to print a copy of each round’s FastTrack to keep a copy for you to analyze round over round. 2. This is your industry ID number. It is important to know this number when meeting with the course leaders or referencing your industry in an email. 3. ROS- A good company should shoot for about 10% Return on Sales. Having a good contribution margin can always help with ROS. 4. It is critical that you get your leverage points every single round. There is no reason why your team should ever forego the 8 points on the balanced scorecard for leverage. Issue long term debt every round. 5. Emergency Loan- Getting an emergency loan really hurts your company. Even a small emergency loan can cost you 20 recap points. To keep from getting an emergency loan, try to make sure your forecasts are conservative and your predicted ending cash position is at least $3,500. 6. Sales- You don’t have to sell the most to have the best company. However, if you notice that other companies are outselling you by quite a bit, you might need to make sure you are
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Annotated FastTrack (Sp 2010 - 3 pages) - 1 2 3 4 6 7 9 5 8...

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