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BUS 1301 Gazette - Practice Round 3

BUS 1301 Gazette - Practice Round 3 - Are the Good Times...

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Are the Good Times Over for “The Win”? by Blaine McCormick (Reporting on industry F34620 in Practice Round 3) History is studded with companies whose stars stayed aligned for long stretches while rivals struggled and then abruptly plunged back to Earth. Consider General Motors’ stellar profit run from 1921 -1979. Then, t here was Starbuck’s from 1992 - 2007. Will “The Win” join them as the next big success -then-trouble story? The Win saw its shares outperform every other sensor company in their industry for two rounds and they still are the top stock performer among their industry peers with their stock closing at $30.39 at the end of Practice Round 3. However, the stock dropped $7.65 this round primarily due to the team’s emergency loan. For Practice Round 3, the company reported sales of $84.6 million an increase of 20.6% over the previous year and well ahead of the 13% growth rate for the industry. This follows a healthy rise in sales of 12.4% in Practice Round 2.
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