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Study Guide for Hauer & Young 4-5 - Judges Ehud...

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Chapter 4 The 2 types of covenants in the Bible: Song of the Sea Sea of Reeds Hyksos Amarna Letters Merneptah Apodictic Law Casuistic Law Talion law Decalogue Covenant Code/Book of the Covenant Priestly Code Holiness Code Deuteronomic Code Hammurabi Suzerainty Treaty King Josiah Chapter 5 Deuteronomistic History 3 hypotheses for Israelite occupation of Canaan Joshua
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Unformatted text preview: Judges Ehud Deborah Barak Gideon Jephthah Samson Delilah Samuel Saul David Philistines Solomon Succession Narrative Court History of David Davidic Covenant Bathsheba Uriah Joab Amnon Tamar Absalom Nathan Tel Dan Inscription Stepped Stone Structure Hebron Jerusalem Samaria 587 BCE 722 BCE Jeroboam I Rehoboam Hezekiah Elijah Omri Mesha, King of Moab Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III Sargon II...
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