02MidTerm - MIDTERM EXAM PHYSICS 5306 Fall 2002 Dr Charles...

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MIDTERM EXAM, PHYSICS 5306, Fall, 2002 Dr. Charles W. Myles Take Home Exam: Distributed, Wednesday, October 23 DUE, IN MY OFFICE OR MAILBOX, 5PM, MON., OCT. 28. NO EXCEPTIONS! TAKE HOME EXAM RULE : You are allowed to use almost any resources (books from the library, etc.) to solve these problems. THE EXCEPTION is that you MAY NOT COLLABORATE WITH ANY OTHER PERSON in solving them! If you have questions or difficulties with these problems, you may consult with me , but not with fellow students (whether or not they are in this class!) or with other faculty. You are bound by the TTU Code of Student Conduct not to violate this rule! Anyone caught violating this rule will, at a minimum , receive an “ F ” on this exam! INSTRUCTIONS: Please read all of these before doing anything else!!! Failure to follow these may lower your grade!! 1. PLEASE write on one side of the paper only!! This may waste paper, but it makes my grading easier! 2. PLEASE do not write on the exam sheets, there will not be room! Use other paper !! 3. PLEASE show all of your work, writing down at least the essential steps in the solution of a problem. Partial credit will be liberal, provided that the essential work is shown. Organized work, in a logical, easy to follow order will receive more credit than disorganized work. 4. PLEASE put the problems in order and the pages in order within a problem before turning in this exam! 5. PLEASE clearly mark your final answers and write neatly. If I cannot read or find your answer, you can't expect me to give it the credit it deserves and you are apt to lose credit. 6. NOTE!!! the setup (THE PHYSICS) of a problem will count more heavily in the grading than the detailed mathematics of working it out. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE DIRECTIONS!!!! THANK YOU!!! NOTE!!!! WORK ANY 5 OUT OF THE 6 PROBLEMS! Each problem is equally weighted and worth 20 points for a total of 100 points on this exam. Please sign this statement and turn it in with your exam: I have neither given nor received help on this exam _______________________________ Signature 1. See the figure. Two masses, m 1 and m 2 are connected by a massless, inextensible cord of length that passes through a hole in a horizontal table. Mass m 1 moves without friction on the table top, in a curved path as shown, while mass m 2 oscillates like the bob of a simple pendulum. Gravity is acting downward. Use the generalized coordinates suggested in the
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02MidTerm - MIDTERM EXAM PHYSICS 5306 Fall 2002 Dr Charles...

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