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Assignment - essay’s most powerful point is his really...

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WRIT 1380 Assignment Jihwan Oh When examining people’s essay which is about what they carried in their life, I could see many different descriptive styles and strategies. The most impressive two essays were Nicholas’s one, and Forest’s essay. Nicholas used very vivid expression in detailing his memory of scar. Although when one writes this kind of essay, the person can easily overlooked the central idea and only focus on the language, he controlled it successfully. Overall, he combined whole ideas into an organized essay. Forest’s essay was something peculiar. At first, I was amazed at his almost professional knowledge of the cell-phone. His
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Unformatted text preview: essay’s most powerful point is his really detailed explanation of what he depicts. He also used other kind of strategy, comparison and contrast between two cultures with two cell phones. For me, a structure of his essay, and his language were powerful tools in describing something. Macintoshi’s essay and Tim O’Brian’s are quite more complicated than the two essays which the students wrote, however, these writers explained what they carried in similar way which the students described. They not only showed the physical feature of the things they carried, but also explained what their meaning to them, and appealed to reader’s emotion....
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