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cell bio - 1 Acetylcholine released at the junction between...

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1. Acetylcholine: released at the junction between nerves and skeletal muscles. 2. Actin: muscle protein that when paired with myosin allows for muscle contraction (part of sarcomere) 3. Aponeuroses : Tendons drawn out into thin, flat sheets of tough connective tissue. 4. Brachiomeric muscles : derived from somitomere in the head and supplied by cranial nerves. Associated with gill arches and derivatives: jaw closing, opening and swallowing. 5. Crossbridge : attachment between actin and myosin. 6. Crossbridge cycle : 7. dihydropyridine receptor : 8. End pate potential : 9. Endomysium : CT covering a muscle cell 10. epimysium: fibrous CT covering a whole muscle 11. F-Actin : filamentous actin; bound to other actin 12. fascicle : a bundle of muscle cells defined by its particular perimysium 13. fast glycolytic fiber : fastest most powerful of the muscles; Type IIB 14. fast oxidative fiber : Type IIA; Red 15. G - Actin : globular actin; not bound to other actin 16. heavy meromyosin : trypinized myosin; head and neck 17. light meromyosin : trypinized myosin; tail 18. motor end plate : the neuromuscular junction; specialized ending through which the axon of a motor neuron makes contact with the muscle it innervates 19. myofiber : 20. myofibril : a contractile unit of a muscle cell; a chain of repeatin sarcomere composed of myofilaments 21. myofilament : thick and thin filaments in the fine structure of muscles composed predominantly of myosin and actin, respectively 22. myomesin : protein in the m-band of striated muscle where it interacts with myosin and titin. 23. myosin heavy chains : 24. myosin light chains : 25. nebulin : provides longitudinal support 26. neuromuscular junction : points of contact between a neuron and a muscle. 27. nicotinic receptors : 28. perimysium : wraps groups of muscle cells (fasicles) 29. power stroke : the release of P and elastic energy straightening myosin; moves actin filament to the left 30. ryanodine channel : ??DHP receptors open ryanodine producing increases of Ca2+-releases Ca2+ 31. sarcolemma : the plasma membrane of a muscle cell 32. sarcoplasmic reticulum : the elaborated smooth endoplasmic reticulum where calcium is stored 33. slow oxidative fiber : take longer to reach maximum force than fast twitch fibers 34. somatic muscles : move bones or cartilages 35. terminal cisternae : where calcium is stored 36. titin : ‘huge’ protein that provides longitudinal support
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37. transverse tubules : inward invaginations of the sarcolemma 38. triad
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cell bio - 1 Acetylcholine released at the junction between...

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