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1. phonemic tone is not indicated; Do not attempt to identify the meaning of ne-. nenderadie 'I am (alreadY) going.' neoradie 'You are (akeady) going.' nearadie 'He is (alreadY) going.' neodiaga 'You (usuallY) go.' nemadiaga 'They (usuallY) go.' neogudie 'You will go (immediately).' nemogudie 'You (pl) will go (immediately).' nenderedie 'I will go (todaY).' nearedie 'He will go (todaY).' netogadie 'We will go (after today).' nemagadie 'They will go (after today).' neorediaga 'You will (already) be going (today).' nearediaga 'He will (already) be going (today).' nemogadiaga 'You (pl) will (already) be going (after today).' nemagadiaga 'They will (already) be going (after today).'
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Unformatted text preview: 'We have fiust) gone.' neadiete 'He has gone (in the past).' netodiete 'We have gone (in the past).' nemadiete 'They have gone (in the past).' netodire 'We went (todaY).' nemodire 'You (Pl) went (todaY).' nenderadire 'I went (yesterday).' netoradire 'We went (YesterdaY).' netoadire 'We went (day before yesterday).' nemoadire 'You (pl) went (day before yesterday).' neogudiaga 'You were (already) going (today).' netogudiaga 'We were (already) going (today).' nenderadiaga 'I was (already) going (yesterday).' nemaradiaga 'They were (akeady) going (yesterday).' neoadiaga 'You were (already) going (day before yesterday).' nemoadiaga 'You (pl) were (already) going (day before yesterday).'...
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