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LGN 176 - Ackerman Assignment #1 Read the short essay Family Feud from the book Boxed In by Mark Crispin Miller. Consider Miller’s description of the game, the participants, and the host and provide a brief characterization of what he believes the game reveals about Americans and their worldview. Make sure that you provide evidence for your characterization. Remember that you are characterizing his view, not your own. 1 In other words, with reference to the Lippmann reading, what does Miller believe are the pictures inside the heads of the participants (and by implication of Americans more generally) and what is the pseudo- environment they inhabit. This exercise requires doing something that Lippmann correctly regards as difficult, namely, seeing past the daily world we occupy, since it seems so natural that there is nothing to question. In the terms of one of the class lectures, what he have here is an effort in “making strange”: “Looking back we can see how indirectly we know the environment in which we
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Unformatted text preview: nonetheless live…whatever we believe to be a true picture, we treat as if it were the environment itself. It is harder to to remember that about the beliefs upon which we are now acting, but in respect to other ages we flatter ourselves that we see when they were in deadly earnest about ludicrous pictures of the world.” Lippmann 4 In sum, what does Miller believe are our “ludicrous pictures of the world”? Given your reading of the Postman excerpt, does it seem accidental that Miller is describing a TV gameshow? If so, why? If not, why not? This exercise, as well as others for this class, should be written cogently and concisely: you should think a lot before you write. Assignments should be either printed from a computer file and be 12 font, double spaced, and no more than 4 pages. If you choose to handwrite assignments, they must be easily readable. 1 Each of us may agree or disagree with his views, but I’m interested in identifying what he seems to believe....
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