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Lign 176 Agn 4 - LGN 176 Fall 09 Assignment 4 This...

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LGN – 176 Fall 09 Assignment 4 This assignment consists of two separate tasks. Task 1: Read the following article from the New York Times on the Supreme Court decision about the use of “dirty words” on public airwaves. I’d like you to make explicit your own emotional response to this issue. In particular, state whether you your initial response is to agree or disagree with the ruling of the court. Then I’d like you to examine why you believe what you believe with respect to this issue and to make explicit what the basis of your opinion seems to be. Please try to connect this assessment of your beliefs with what we have discussed concerning “word magic”, the word to world relation, and the role of language in creating or maintaining our worldview. For this exercise, as always, I don’t care what you believe, I only care that you assess your beliefs critically. OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR Gentlemen Cows in Prime Time By ADAM FREEDMAN Published: May 2, 2009 Related Times Topics: Federal Communications Commission | Profanity LAST Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s crackdown on the use of dirty words on the airwaves. That the justices managed to do this without actually uttering either of the words at issue — one refers to a sexual act, the other to a bodily function — exemplifies both the court’s tact and its lack of connection with contemporary English usage. The case, Federal Communications Commission v. Fox Television Stations, was a test of the commission’s zero-tolerance policy toward isolated curses, or “fleeting expletives,” as the F.C.C. calls them. The commission put in place the so-called Bono Rule, named for the U2 singer (and contributing columnist for this page)
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Lign 176 Agn 4 - LGN 176 Fall 09 Assignment 4 This...

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