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Lign 176 Agn 3

Lign 176 Agn 3 - LGN 176 Fall 09 Assignment 3 For this...

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LGN 176 – Fall 09 Assignment 3 For this week’s assignment I would like you to critically read and compare two assigned readings, specifically, Benjamin Lee Whorf’s The relation of habitual and behavior to language and George Orwell’s Appendix to 1984: The grammar of Newspeak. First, provide a characterization of Whorf’s basic hypothesis concerning the relation between language to thought and behavior. After providing a characterization of Whorf’s view, relate his perspective to that expressed by Orwell in the Grammar of Newspeak . In particular, does Orwell subscribe to the same or similar relation between language, thought and behavior as Whorf? If so, in what way(s). If not, how do their views differ? Keep in mind that Whorf was describing natural languages, i.e., languages that arise as
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