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LGN 176 – Fall 09 Assignment 2 This week we have focused on the beginnings of manufacturing/engineering consent in early 20 th century America. It can be argued that Bernays and others attempted to shape an American worldview that would promote American business while ensuring the development of American democracy. Consider the Lucky Strike cigarette advertisement below from between 1920-1930. Keeping in mind the readings and class presentations, reflect on and answer the following questions. Make sure that your answers are grounded in readings, lectures, and properties of the ad itself, i.e., what images or language in the ad makes you think what you think about the ad? 1. Given that Bernays believed that messages resonate most effectively when they are presented to audiences prepared to receive them, what social and cultural
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Unformatted text preview: values appear to be presupposed in the ad? Consider why specific images and language might used in this connection. 2. How does the advertiser try to motivate the reader to act and who does the ad target as its main audience? Here too, consider specific images and language in the ad. 3. Speculate on the type of worldview such an ad promotes? In other words, what kind of world will the purchaser of Lucky Strikes inhabit? What values are promoted in the ad? 4. In what ways does this ad depart from your experiences with modern ads for cigarettes? (You might find it helpful here to simply take a representative cigarette ad form a newspaper or magazine and compare your impression to this with you impression to the lucky Strike ad)....
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