Essay 1 revised - See comments below Ashley McIntire...

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See comments below. Ashley McIntire English 217 4685 January 28, 2006 Essay num. # 1 My Past, My Path When I guide someone through my past, my life seems full of hardship, turmoil, and pain. Reflecting for myself, I feel almost wiser and stronger. My history gives me the confidence to trudge through any difficulty that I may face in my future. One thing I vow to do in my life is to have no regrets. Striving always to see at least one gained fraction of any experience allows me to be grateful for much more than would be capable otherwise. Good intro. Never was there a memory of my parents being happy together in my early life. I can, however, remember sitting in my brother s closet, which was located right above my parents room, listening with him to the muttered voices below. We listened and we plotted to make our family happy, to make our parents behave like the other parents on the street. I believe their marriage started to dissolve even before their first child, my brother, was born. On my seventh birthday, my parents’ divorce was settled in court. It was a rough time for everyone, yet I do not recall a minute of it or about a year thereafter. Following the divorce, I maintained two personalities. My mother was caring and loving but was severely depressed and lacked any sort of disciplining. Around my mother, I was
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outgoing, funny, witty, and tried to hold the maternal side of my family together with laughter and trust. My father was quite the opposite, his comma splice girlfriend turned This is a comma splice. Every sentence should begin with a capital letter and end with ending punctuation such as a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point. Sentences should not run together without punctuation separating them. A comma should
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Essay 1 revised - See comments below Ashley McIntire...

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