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This brown eyed beauty is seventeen years old and a senior here at Brookville. Her boyfriend is Charles Michael Newsome and she has a Beagle named Madison. You may see this spontaneous chick working at sporting events for Varsity B. Her favorite movie is Mean Girls and she loves KFC’s mashed potatoes. She is the “hostess with the mostest” at Tumbleweed Southwest Grill. Her hobbies include playing UNO in journalism and at lunch and going to B- dubs on Thursday nights. Her favorite Cutie of the Week By Madison Meyers I’m sure that all of you kids out there have participated in spirit week at your school at least once in your life. I know that all of my friends and I used to always participate in spirit week. Some examples of the activities are: mix match day, college day, tie-dye day, and hat day. One of my favorite activities was mix and match day; I would wear two different shoes and socks, and pants and a shirt that did not match. When I asked around the high school, I learned what some of the other students said were their favorite days. Here is what those students had to say and some examples of what to wear on those days. College Day: Some of the things that you could wear on college day are things like an Ohio State football jersey or any of your other favorite football teams. Mix Match Day: I mentioned before some of the things that I used to wear on mix match day were mix matched socks and shoes, and pants and a shirt that don’t match. Something else would be wearing leggings and a pair of shorts that don’t match. Crazy Hair Day: On crazy hair day you will see kids with all kinds of crazy things going on with their hair. Some ideas might be pigtails that are not even, one side of your hair up and the other side down, or something a little simpler like your hair looking like a frizz ball. There are all kinds of fun things you could do for this day. Neon Day: As I’m sure you know all of the kids are now in to neon. They are wearing things like neon jeans, neon shirts, or neon leggings with shorts or a skirt. There are many fun creative things you could do with this day. These are just some of the favorite choices that I have found to be at Brookville High School. I hope that you all get involved in school spirit and involve yourself in your school’s spirit week. Preparing for Spirit Week By Alexa Dunigan Here at Brookville High School, students have a tendency of getting a little rowdy in the cafeteria. Having a convenient break from the classroom half-way through the school day, gives the students a chance to release some energy that has been bottled up since early in the morning. The only problem is that some students, including myself, think that we should get a little more freedom, since we are high school students. I think it would be nice for us to be able to leave school at lunchtime, giving us the freedom to eat wherever we like and still be back at the school in
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