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Handout #5A Recessive epistasis Example: coat color in rodents A gene = pigment distribution in hair (agouti) A dom. Aa, AA = streaked with yellow a rec. aa = solid B gene = pigment color B dom. BB, Bb = black b rec. bb = brown Dihybrid cross: AaBb x AaBb A expression B expression Phenotvpe Expect: 9 A-B- streaked black gray * 3 A-bb streaked brown cinnamon * 3 aaB- solid black black 1 aabb solid brown brown * streak causes the color to look different to us. Now let's look at C gene which illustrates epistasis.
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Unformatted text preview: C is an allele responsible for color expression C CC, Cc color c v cc no color (albino) cc is epistatic to the other two genes, A (distribution) and B (color). Cross: aaBbCc x aaBbCc Black mice aa = solid Bb = black Cc = color F1: A B C phenotype 9 aaB-C- solid black color black 3 aaB-cc-- solid black no color albino* 3 aabbC- solid brown color brown 1 aabbcc solid brown no color albino* **Altered Mendelian ratio: 9 black: 3 brown : 4 albino...
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