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BIS101 Handout #6 Testcross to Detect Linkage In Drosophila the mutant black (b) has a black body, and the wild type has a gray body; the mutant vestigial (vg) has wings that are much shorter and crumpled compared to the long wings of the wild type. True breeding black, normal flies were crossed with true breeding gray, vestigial flies. F1
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Unformatted text preview: gray, normal female flies were testcrossed to black, vestigial male flies. The testcross progeny: gray, normal 283 gray, vestigial 1,294 black, normal 1,418 black. vestiaial 741 total 3,236 Are the black and vestigial genes linked? Calculate the recombinant frequency. CI What is the map distance between the black and vestigial genes?...
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