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Handout _2 - Mendel's second law metaphase mitosis...

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BIS101 Handout #2 S. O'Neill TERMS alleles anaphase autosome Barr body carrier cell division central dogma centrosome chiasma chromatid chromosome theory of inheritance cross crossing over dihybrid cross diploid dominant allele dominant phenotype eukaryote F 1 generation F 2 generation filial generations gamete gene gene pair genetic marker genetics genotype haploid hemizygous heterogametic sex heteromorphic chromosome pair heterozygous homogametic sex homologous chromosomes homozygous hybrid interphase kinetochore meiosis Mendel's first law
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Unformatted text preview: Mendel's second law metaphase mitosis molecular genetics monohybrid cross pedigree phenotype product rule prokaryote prophase Punnett square pure-breeding recessive allele recessive phenotype reciprocal division replication self (self-fertilization) sex chromosome sex determination sex linkage somatic cell spindle sum rule synapsis synaptonemal complex telophase test cross tester transcription translation transmission genetics true (pure) breeding line X chromosome inactivation X linkage Y linkage...
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