Friday_Study_Session_Guidelines - C hem XX I-F r iday Study...

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Unformatted text preview: C hem XX I-F r iday Study Sessions Brought to you by: • Courtney Hu tchins • Anna Trego 1. What to expect: a. This “study session” has been designed to reinforce ideas p resented in class. b. Each week we will focus on a “problem of the week” (POW) related to material from lecture and designed in order to reinforce concepts and fine-tune the problem solving skills required. i. At the beginning of the hour this problem will be p resented and we will allow time to work on i t in small g roups. Afterwards, time will be spent discussing and working through it as a class. c. The POW will either be created by Dr. Pollard, come from old exam questions, or could be from the “problems for contemplation” at the end of the Pollard Readings d. At the end, if time allows, we will answer other general questions, however the primary focus of this hour will involve small group work and discussion of the POW. 2. What we expect from you: a. The problems presented and the subsequent discussions are designed to help you gain the tools necessary to increase your ability to “think chemically” and ultimately do well in this class. b. Participation during the full hour. This includes, but is not l imi ted to i. Putting your cell phone/lap top/homework away ii. In teracting with other students and with us iii. Asking questions as well as helping to find answers c. Respect for your peers and for us. This hour is for you and t here are people here who want to take advantage of that. d. If you cannot abide by the above guidelines you will be asked t o leave. NOTE: If you cannot attend the Study Session, the POW will be posted on D2L. There is not an answer key so take the problems to any preceptor and t hey will be able to provide assistance. ...
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Friday_Study_Session_Guidelines - C hem XX I-F r iday Study...

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