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Module 3 Study Assignment The Stability of Tyrosine Spring 2010- CHEM XXI *This is to be turned in on Friday, Feb. 19 th at the beginning of class. Before you turn it in, you must get it signed off by a preceptor. See D2L for a list of preceptors and their respective office hours. 1) Let’s evaluate the decomposition of the amino acid tyrosine. The simulation below models the decomposition reaction shown. http://www.chem.arizona.edu/chemt/Flash/decomposition.html
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Unformatted text preview: H 2 N CH C CH 2 OH O C HC HC C CH CH OH H 2 N CH 2 CH 2 C HC HC C CH CH OH + CO 2 (solid) (solid) (gas) a) Determine the rate law for this process b) What are the half-lives for this reaction at 200 and 300 °C (assume the temperature setting in this simulation is in °C). c) Determine the activation energy for this reaction d) Would you predict this process to become more or less favored on going from 200 to 300 °C? Justify your thinking....
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