Natural and legal paper - I n this paper the discussion of...

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In this paper the discussion of the contrast and comparison of “Natural and “legal” crime. These crimes are classified in two areas mala in se and mala prohibita in this paper the definition will be done. To do this a list FBI classifications of major crimes will be provided. The two types of crime, "Natural" and "legal" are easily differentiated. In legal terms, "natural crime" is known as mala in se (wrong in and of itself), whereas "legal crimes" can be either mala in se or mala prohibita (wrong because it is not allowed by law).Natural and legal crime overlap in many instances. In fact, most natural crimes are also mala prohibita ; however, there are several crimes that are mala prohibita , which are not necessarily mala in se. The definition of these two terms can be somewhat problematic. This is because there are very few rules in a society that exist on a natural level. On the other hand, any given society has to have some sense of societal ethic, which, even in the absence of formal law, would prohibit certain behavior. The consequence of this is that usually, things a society considers to be mala in se are universally mala prohibita . On the other hand, there are many acts that are mala prohibita which many, if not all, citizens would consider to be acceptable (i.e. mala prohibita only). What can confuse this issue is the fact that violating any law is mala in se . The act itself promotes anarchy and undermines the ability of the state to enforce any laws. For the purpose of discussion, though, the two terms are used to classify "victimless" crimes ( mala prohibita ) versus crimes that present a clear and immediate danger to the individual, or to the survival of a society. The FBI has several classifications of major (felony) crime. One such classification is violent crime. (Violent Crime, 2007) There are four subcategories of violent crime according to the FBI. (Violent Crime, 2007) They include murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault. (Violent Crime, 2007) Whether each of these is mala in se or mala prohibita depends greatly on the circumstances. Aggravated assault is defined by the FBI as an attack with the intention to inflict severe
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Natural and legal paper - I n this paper the discussion of...

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