Essay 2 revised - See comments below. Ashley McIntire...

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See comments below. Ashley McIntire English 217 4685 February 20, 2006 Essay #1 The Best and the Worst Sensation in Life Love is that feeling that overcomes my body and mind at any moment when the other person is present in my mind. At the mention of his or her name or the thought of them his or her overcomes me I can feel it in my stomach. It is not a disagreeable feeling, Pronoun must agree in number with its subject. or a pleasant feeling either, just a subtle recognition of the physical effect of the power of love. Mostly, I can feel it in my heart, and there it can be uncomfortable, especially when the loved one is in danger or far away. When I am away from those who I love, my chest cries out in loneliness. Sometimes, when I think of a fond memory of a loved one , I laugh aloud or smile. There are many different kinds of love, at different degrees and different levels. There is love for nature, simple pleasures, feelings, and people love. Through the love of people, there is friend love, family love, and romantic love. Good intro.! My heart has a huge capacity for friend love. That kind can come, go, and return without warning. I devoted more time to friend love when I was younger, when it was easier to trust people , and harder to recognize feelings of betrayal. As a result, I love my friends more intensely than I did in the past. For me now, I think that quality is more important than quantity. I search for loyalty, positive guidance, and reciprocated love
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from my friends. There are different amounts of love I hold for my friends as well. For Samantha—my neighborhood friend who has been by my side since I was born—my love for her is almost family-like. I know her very well and can read her even better. I
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Essay 2 revised - See comments below. Ashley McIntire...

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